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IMOOD.COM Introduction

My favorite ancient website, 10.01.2021
Imood.com Imood.com

I found a website that is actualy really cool. You can make an account and set a mood. There are over 100 moods and 30+ faces. Make a profile, set a picture and say about yourself. Now you can have a neat profile!

New year, new me

My goals for this year, 10.01.2021

New goals

So you know the saying "New year, new me". I dont really care much about it but I want to set some goals in life. New goals: Learn HTML, get a Macbook Pro, get a domain for this website and supporter for neocities, learn more for school and organize my life.

Who is this random dude on the internet?

Hi I am Mikado. I like coding, making websites and basketball. You can contact me on Telegram to give me ideas for the website.

Telegram HTML

Quick blog

Coding now in HTML.

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